Clients, Employees, and Executives have certain expectations for the modern office space. Modern office spaces use technology to manage much of a building’s internal system including security, lighting and temperature control.

We integrate our team with yours to provide a collaborative solution for your office needs.  Together we determine the desired outcomes of a full office solution to provide a great working experience and use technology for year over year energy and cost savings.


New technology advancements taking office security into a new era


Advanced systems to control the major building systems and much more


A comprehensive easy to use meeting spaces that increase productivity


Baseline technology expected in any modern building


Clients, Employees, and Executives have certain expectations for the modern office space. Modern office spaces use technology to manage much of a building’s internal system including security, lighting and temperature control. Fully-automated office buildings have been the trend for several years now.

Modern technology in buildings is not only used to manage office scheduling systems and provide employee conveniences, it is also retrieving countless data points every day that can be used to become more energy efficient and assist in preventative maintenance – which is saving companies millions every year.

EOC will help you take your building to the level of what has come to be “expected” in a modern office building and beyond – depending on the desires of each tenant.

We’ll keep your businesses up-to-speed in the fast moving trend of IoT (Internet of Things).


Prospective buyers are looking for strong amenities in multi-dwelling units not only in the living space but also in the common areas. Common spaces with Viewing area’s accessible music, common cooking areas and social spaces are becoming the norm. Installing a system that tenants can access common area technology while controlling their own.

Installing a system that tenants can access common area technology while controlling their own internal systems and are integrated into one control system is key to being attractive to today’s buyers. Consumers need to be able to have the freedom to bring their own device to accessing buildings amenities. Being secure while being convenient is also a key to attracting young buyers. Millennials especially, expect the latest technologies to keep them safe while in the building and also have remote access and visibility while away.

Other amenities that are fast becoming the norm are common smart kitchens, living areas, office spaces and even music rooms. The following is a brief explanation of what is “expected” in a modern building as well as what can be accomplished now and in the future depending on the desires of each tenant.



During your initial consultation we ask you a series of questions to determine your needs and desires. Our expert audio/visual consultants carefully inspect the space and offer suggestions which equipment will best meet your needs.


Once we fully understand your vision, our engineers design an innovative solution tailored to your needs, using the latest in audio visual technology to develop your custom setup.


Once the planning and design phases are finalized, our expert technicians manage the installation of you audio visual equipment, and test the system to ensure everything works to your standards


Our job isn’t over after your systems are installed. As part of our service, we guarantee that your new systems successfully integrated into your existing infrastructure and provide training on how to use it.


EOC is dedicated to the ongoing maintenance and service support of your systems. With excellent communication and rapid response times from our skilled service technicians, you will not be left stranded.

Featuring High Performance AV Equipment from Top Manufacturers

EOC Audio provides a full line of premium Audio/Video/Automation products at competitive prices.  All the products we sell offer the full Manufacturer Warranty, and are road tested for the highest performance and reliability.  Our preferred products are Marantz, Elan, Polk Audio, Sony, Autonomics, Middle Atlantic, Sanus, Martin Logan, APC, Panamax and more. We are Nest certified, and a Sonos Gold dealer.

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