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How To Work with a Custom A/V Automation Installer

When it comes to home audio, you’ll always have those who settle for a simple stereo, but those aren’t the kind of customers we reach. We deliver best in class tech, and the very best service, to all of Chicagoland. But there are some good things to keep in mind, regardless of your installer.

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Turn Your Old Home into a Smart Home

Converting Your Old Home into a Smart Home Old Victorian, framed two flats, and classic brownstones and  homes and other older houses are popular in Chicago, but they often don’t include the wiring and technology you find in a new home. But it’s easier than ever to outfit your older house with smart home technology. Home automation can increase efficiency and make managing your household much easier.

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Novice Info: 3 Things About Turntables

here has certainly been a shift with infatuation with records and turntables these days among audiophiles. Playing a record is an actual physical act and is a nice contrast to our cellphones streaming at a low bitrate down audio.  Vinyl is truly a medium that was created for audio to be experienced. So for those new to the world of LP’s, lets break down the basics of what is involved in owning a record player and playing records. (We are assuming that everyone understands that a record spins at a specific speed, and that a needle is required to play it).

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Summertime Means Outdoor Audio & Video! Three Things To Keep In Mind

With summer approaching here in Chicagoland, you might be thinking about upgrading your home’s outdoor living spaces. But how can you ensure you will receive the best-quality sound, and the best screen image in your backyard? The answer is simple, call up our team of outdoor entertainment experts at EOC Audio for a custom outdoor audio/video plan and installation.