Leaders in Home and Commercial Audio Visual Systems and Security

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Clients, Employees, and Executives have certain expectations for the modern office space. Modern office spaces use technology to manage much of a building’s internal system including security, lighting and temperature control. Fully-automated office buildings have been the trend for several years now.

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Leaders in home and outdoor audio, video and home automation. One-touch automation, seamless technical integration, expert craftsmanship and responsive, intuitive client service are EOC Audio hallmarks.

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The extensive amount of time we’ve spent with home and business owners exposed the weaknesses and flaws of today’s security companies. Listening to our customers, we saw a common pattern: careless installation, outdated technology, thrown into a “bundle” of notoriously bad service.


We are guided by a simple straightforward philosophy, strong commitment to our core values, and high ethical standards that inform our decisions, on every project. In everything we do, we strive to be the very best.

Integrity: We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty in everything we do.
Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for results and actions.
Lead by Example: We do as we expect others to do.
Teamwork: We work together as one united team.
Open Communication: We encourage and embrace straight talk to the customer, and to ourselves. Frequent honest communication eliminates confusion, clarifies our objectives
Customer Commitment: We tailor our actions to meet the goals and objectives of our customers.
Personal and Professional Pride: We take personal pride in the quality of our work, we treat each project as if it were built in our own home.


Experts in Home and Commercial Audio Visual Systems and Security

James Galla

Randy Herman

Ben McIntyre

Steve Galla

Alan Quartz

Zach Zabel

John Moraitis

Will Peto

Ryan Donovan

Mark Schaefer

Scott Moller

Dave Bak

Shane Enos

Andy Hayes

Justin Zalaznik

Seth Enos


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