When it comes to home audio, you’ll always have those who settle for a simple stereo, but those aren’t the kind of customers we reach. We deliver best in class tech, and the very best service, to all of Chicagoland. But there are some good things to keep in mind, regardless of your installer.

Custom Doesn’t Mean “Expensive”

While some people are installing fantastic entertainment systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, theres plenty of middle ground below that, with amazing quality. These days, you can get a an a/v system custom built for your house and your needs, for considerably less. Especially since flat panel pricing has plummeted so drastically, audio products themselves have become cheaper with increased production and competition, especially with new wireless technologies like Sonos, Alexa, PlayFi, Bluesound, and HEOS, being introduced seemingly daily.

Do Your Homework and Know the Limit

If you’re building or remodeling, get an installer involved as early as possible, but definitely before the drywalling. Bring your blueprints, your electrical plans, and any relevant cabinetry / furniture schematics. Know what you want this system to be capable of, and know your overall project budget. Have a realistic expectation of the system you can afford for your budget. You also need to factor in additional costs like labor, cabling, mounts, and a control system. By telling the installer your wants — Alexa integration, audio in four rooms, home theater in the den, robust Wi-Fi network, surround sound with a 55-inch TV, etc. — along with your budget, they will be able to design the best-performing system to meet your goals.

Be open

The installer will likely offer some ideas you hadn’t considered. Partly because they’re aware of possibilities you aren’t and also because they continually interact with people both design and live with tech. Take their input as more than just another sales pitch, we want you to have the best experience, and when we have a good idea for you, we are going to tell you about it.

Relationships and Trust.

Choosing a custom installer is about creating a relationship, often a very long one. We have many clients we’ve worked with for well over 15 years. So make sure you’re comfortable with the installer you select. Things like how long they’ve been in business, references from past clients, and how quickly they respond to phone calls can foreshadow your experience with them. If you don’t feel like you can trust them completely, Toss him back, that is not the installer for you.

What the Custom Installer Offers You

You COULD do it yourself, but it would likely lead to several weekends of lost time, a rats nest of wires, poor performance, ugly layout, bad fittings, and probably way too many holes in the wall. A true custom installer like EOC can deliver a well-designed, -installed, and -integrated system that’s easy to use and enjoy. Gone are the pile of remotes, you’ll never have to wonder if your system is set up correctly and operating like it should. Or if its going to start the house on fire. Furthermore, a good installer stands by his work. If should you run into any issues, you’ll have someone to reach out to for a quick fix. EOC Audio is there for you, whenever you need us.